Murray Darling Basin

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The name Red Dust and Snowtm succinctly sums up the passion I have for the diverse region of the Murray-Darling Basin, and adjoining areas of Australia.

From the iconic red soils of the western region of the Darling River catchment to the snow-covered mountains of the southeast, I have always held a passion for this region of Australia in terms of photography, content creation, and share the experience with like-minded adventurers.

My love for exploring Australia started from a young age (in an old FB ute) exploring the central Murray River. Since then, I have travelled throughout Australia photographing and creating content for various publishers.

Australia is an excellent place to tour, but I have always been drawn back to the Murray-Darling basin as it is in my blood. And it is that, ethereal, experience I have always wanted to share.

I hope you enjoy these experiences!

"Don't look at what is, ask 'why', look at what isn't, and ask 'why not'."

Simon Bayliss

Murray Darling Basin & Beyond - See and Do