Lightning Ridge Photography

Outback NSW

Lightning Ridge is located just off the Castlereagh highway north of Walgett about 200km northeast of Bourke (as the crow flies) and is easily accessible for those travelling the north-south route through outback NSW or heading east-west along the Darling River Run. Lightning Ridge will welcome you with that classic country hospitality that marketers can only dream, but it is neither forced nor put-on and is certainly not be 'more of the same'.

One thing Lighting Ridge does have in abundance is eccentricity, not the type that one needs to be wary of but the kind that truly envelopes any visitor and is delivered via characters that could be included in any folkloric Australian novel or film; truly warming and welcoming.

Local Postmaster, Laurie Hudson, once wrote, 'Though you've roamed the whole world over, seen most all there is to see, there are scenes you've never dreamed of, in the stone of mystery’, and like the ‘stone of mystery’,

Lightning Ridge also displays its uniqueness in many different ways depending how you wish to experience it.

Photo Gallery - Lightning Ridge