Drive Melbourne to Cameron Corner:

The Corner Country, just the name conjures up images of the iconic nature of outback Australia and Cameron Corner, the point at which three States meet is the pinnacle of outback adventures.

Driving to the Corner is a challenge (sometimes of the mind, sometimes of the ability, sometimes of the vehicle, and often a challenge of all things combined), but only if you do it right.

Sure there is the more relaxed/direct route which will soon be bitumen all the way to Tibooburra. Direct routes are efficient and effective but often lack the spirit of adventure.

This route from Melbourne to Tibooburra, and onto Cameron Corner, is an adventure taking in two other touring routes I have published recently.

** While this is an 'off-bitumen' rather than a serious 'off-road' trip. It is certainly doable in an AWD SUV (with care and with driver ability) with the proviso that conditions along these touring routes can change. Alternative roads should be used in times of rain and flooding.

Cameron Corner, where Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia meet. Corner Country, Australia.

The Corner Country, Outback Australia

The Corner Country, encompassing the outbacks of New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia, is one of the most popular travel regions of Australia. Travelling to the Corner Country provides the visitor with an understanding of the deep historical and cultural connections to the region; with experiences of Indigenous heritage and culture, pastoral history, ethereal landscapes, iconic outback towns and legendary characters. It is just one of those places.

Wherever I go in the bush I always find my way back and always come out at the place where I want to go” Alfred Howitt, 13 September 1859

Cameron Corner

Cameron Corner (sometimes referred to as Cameron's Corner) is the surveyed north-west corner of New South Wales and the point at which the states of New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia meet.  The corner also forms the north-west boundary of Sturt National Park – one of New South Wales's largest National Parks at 340,000 ha.

Drive Melbourne Cameron Corner, Outback Australia

This touring adventure touring route from Melbourne to Cameron Corner incorporates two other great touring routes:

The run from the Darling River to Tibooburra is through the wonderful back-country of northwest New Sout Wales. ** If you want a more direct route, with a few adventure options, please see the More Direct Route Options

Trip Highlights:

  • Cadell Fault and the Edward River
  • Mungo National Park
  • The Darling River
  • White Cliffs
  • Mutawintji NP

The real adventure of this touring route starts at Echuca/Moama, which is an easy highway drive from Melbourne via the Hume Highway and Northern Highway. At about 225 km, it will take less than 3 hours to get to Moama (depending on traffic and departure point in Melbourne).

Destination Partner - Murray River Council

Murray River Council

Welcome to Murray River Council, covering Moama, Mathoura, Barham, and Moulamein.

The vibrant tourism region of the central Murray River region stretching from Echuca/Moama and including iconic access to the Murray, Edward, and Wakool Rivers.

Destination Corner Country!

If basing yourself in Tiboobuura, as many to, Cameron Corner is a further 140 km on a well-maintained unsealed road. If Milparinka is your chosen base, Cameron Corner is about 170 km with other highlights along the way that can be visited (Depot Glen, Mt Poole, etc)

Be sure to check out The Corner Country website for all details on what is on offer!

Destination Partner - Corner Country Australia

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Welcome to Corner Country Outback NSW, one of the most popular travel regions of Australia.

Anyone who travels though Outback New South Wales will understand the deep historical and cultural connections; with experiences of Indigenous heritage and culture, pastoral history, ethereal National Parks, iconic outback towns and legendary waterways. It is just one of those places.