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People and Portraits

Albury-Wodonga Portrait Photography

Portrait photography needs to be more than just a photograph!

For me, it needs to capture the essence of the subject, whether it is a single person, couple or a family group. To have experience in many types of photography - landscape, lifestyle, product - creates an understanding of how different photography genres have a commonality in terms of technique, creativity, and ability to understand the subject.

The static group shot may be a nice image, but adding context/activity creates a better photograph. It is a memory, a moment in time, a reflection of the character of that person, couple or family.

The best portrait photography happens when the photographer's experience is across many genres of photography. Just being a technical photographer, without innate photographic creativity and understanding, results in a static image without revealing the character of the subject/s.

With over twenty years of experience as a professional photographer, across most photography genres, my imagery results from a real photographer's passion, innate creativity, and the ability to relate to the subject/s.



Simon Bayliss


PHONE: 0466646323