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With Milparinka or Tibooburra as your base (or even camped somewhere in Sturt National Park), there as so much to explore around the Corner Country region.

The massive Sturt National Park spans the dunes of the Strzelecki Desert across the ancient mesas of the Grey Range and Mt King (The Jump-Ups) and to the Gibber plains, gorges and hills of Mount Wood. The Dingo (or Dog) Fence – at more than 5,000 km the worlds longest – forms the north and western boundary of the park.

The eastern section features adventurous drives including the Gorge Loop Road and the Jump-Ups Loop Road, exploring this eroded mountain range.

The other great drive includes a drive out the Cameron Corner via Waka Claypan, Fort Grey, and the actual Corner (the place were Queensland, NSW, and South Australia meet)

For the return trip, a great option is diverting at the Waka claypan and head south to Depot Glenn (a permanent water hole, great for camping, made famous by the explorer Charles Sturt and his expedition party) and the not-to-miss town of Milparinka.

Of course, a trip to Cameron Corner is a must! A great adventure route is via Middle Road for fantastic vistas at regular lookouts along the way. Fort Grey, Olive Downs and Dead Horse Gully or up to the summit of Mt Wood are also excellent options for moderate walks.

The two easy drives start and end in Tibooburra:

  • The Gorge Loop Road: This trip around Mt Wood and the Mount Wood Hills covers the outdoor pastoral heritage museum, Mt Wood Homestead & shearers quarters, the Gibber and Mitchell Grass Plains, the Twelve Mile Creek Gorge, and the old pastoral remains at Torrens Bore and Horton Park Station. Wildlife such as Emu, Kangaroo, and Wedge-Tail eagles are commonly sighted.
  • The Jump-Ups Loop Road: The ancient landforms that are known as the Jump-Ups are the remains of an ancient mountain range that have been eroded down over millions of years leaving the 150m plateau (Mesa) and the granite strewn plains which form the catchment of the Connia Creek (Ephemeral) which follows south-east into the Twelve Mile creek.


If making Tibooburra a base, there are a few great options for staying in town... the Family Hotel (famous for its murals), the historic Two-Storey Tibooburra Hotel (famous for its gold-laden timber bar), and the iconic Granite Motel and Caravan Park.

Tibooburra Partners

Accommodation - Two-Story Hotel

The Two-Story Hotel, Tibooburra. Corner Country Outback NSW, Australia

The Two-Storey Tibooburra Hotel offers accommodation in the iconic 'Two Story Hotel' in Tibooburra, the Corner Country, Australia. The Tibooburra Hotel offers quality accommodation, beautifully renovated bar and superb meals. The Tibooburra Hotel was built in 1882 during the gold rush and is the oldest surviving hotel in Tibooburra.

In a very happy and relaxed atmosphere, Tracey and her family provide modern-day service in an old-world pub, specialising in catering to individuals just touring the outback, families or groups of mates, tag-along tours, 4WD groups, motorbike groups, pilots and aero-clubs. Large charity rallies can also be catered for..

Food & Provisions - Corner Country Store

Packsaddle Roadhouse, Corner Country, Outback Australia

The Corner Country Store is situated in the town centre of Tibooburra, look for the "i" offering visitor and road information.

Offering friendly service, selling fuel, tyre repairs, gas refills, ice, real coffee, homemade food and more. Eat-in a very comfortable, relaxing cafe or order food to take away. Bring your own alcohol after 5 pm with evening meals. Accommodation bookings for Tibooburra Beds Motel.

Accommodation - The Family Hotel

Packsaddle Roadhouse, Corner Country, Outback Australia

The Family Hotel will welcome you with that great outback hospitality that is a welcome change from the rushed and impersonal ways of the ‘big-smoke.

Located in the Corner Country town of Tibooburra in outback NSW, Australia... our town is the gateway to the Sturt National Park, Cameron Corner, and the vast outback interior.

Accommodation - Tibooburra Beds

Tibooburra Beds, Tibooburra,  Corner Country, Outback Australia

Tibooburra Beds & Camping, we've set out to provide you with everything you need. Our spacious, clean, and comfortable motel style accommodation provides a reprieve from the outback.

Our generous campsites offer ample space for RV's, camper trailers and motorbikes The clean, fresh amenities allow for weary travellers to relax and recharge. 

Accommodation - Granites Motel & Caravan Park

Albert Hotel, Milparinka - Corner Country Outback NSW, Australia

The Granites Motel/Caravan Park was established in 1985 in time for the Tibooburra School Centenary Celebrations. It started with five motel rooms and four second-hand caravans with an amenities block and a few powered sites.

Over the years it has grown into a ten-unit motel plus four cabins, two cottages, a very spacious four bedroom country residence, at least twenty-six powered sites and a much larger camping area with all the facilities required for a very comfortable and extended stay.

Food & Provisions - TJ's Roadhouse

TJ's Roadhouse, Restuartant and Supermarket, Tibooburra, Corner Country Outback NSW, Australia

TJ's Roadhouse, Supermarket, Restaurant & Cafe.

For all your travel provisions including Supermarket, Cafe, Restaurant, Beer Garden, Post Office and Vehicle Repairs, TJ's Roadhouse, Supermarket, Restaurant & Cafe, has everything you need for your visit to Tibooburra and Corner Country.

If Milparinka is your choice for a base, there is some great camping and RV spots in this 'not to be missed' town, as well as the iconic Albert Hotel.

Milparinka Partners

Destination Partner - Milparinka

Milparinka Heritage Town - Conter Country Outback NSW, Australia

How outback do you want to go? You drive 296 km north of Broken Hill, 39 km south of Tibooburra and 1,465 km from Sydney to a small turnoff from the Silver City Highway. All around the red dusty soils of Outback New South Wales stretch to the horizon.

When gold was discovered in 1880 this became a thriving town but today it is a shadow of its former self. A reminder that only the hardest of human beings can live in such difficult conditions.

Accommodation - Albert Hotel

Albert Hotel, Milparinka - Corner Country Outback NSW, Australia

Built in 1882, the Albert Hotel was the first to be licensed in Milparinka and just one of four hotels in the historic township at the height of the gold rush. Despite renovations, through the years parts of the hotel remain as travellers would have found them more than a century ago.

Located just one kilometre off the Silver City Highway, The Albert is the only hotel remaining between Broken Hill and Tibooburra. Accommodation is available in some of the original rooms, or motel-type cabins, share a bathroom.

Accommodation - Pincally Station

Pincally Station, Milparinka, Corner Country Outback NSW, Australia

Pincally Station is the home to Matt and Zanna Gale and their three daughters Bella, Lucy and Millie. Pincally Station was originally settled in the early 1900s by the Moyle family, and consists of 65, 893 hectares of grazing land under Western Lands Lease.

It has been owned by the Gale family since 1990. The rugged Mount Arrowsmith Hills, named by Sturt during his expedition through the region, form a backdrop to the property and homestead.

With Milparinka and Tibooburra being less than 40 km apart, both towns should be experienced and either town makes a perfect terminus for driving to Cameron Corner regardless of where you base yourself.

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