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An adventure through Outback NSW, the Darling River Run is one of the best and most iconic touring routes along the Darling River, Australia's most iconic waterway.

It is a driving adventure where you can experience the richness of indigenous history & culture, learn about our pastoral pioneers and their 'life on the land' and experience the laid-back nature and country hospitality of the outback towns along the river.

The Darling River Run map - touring route guide for driving along the Darling River, Outback NSW, Australia

- GREEN line = Preferred Route - RED line = Alternate Route

The tour along our longest waterway is not only about traveling the course of our iconic river but also throughout Outback NSW via the many side trips and travel routes.

The Darling River Run is regarded by many as one of the best outback touring routes in Australia. While it might not be the extreme off-road that some seek, it is easily done in (almost) any vehicle and is easily accessible from any of the east coast capital cities; less than a day's drive to get to the Darling River.

Darling River Run 14 Day Itinerary

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