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Darling River Towns

Outback NSW

The towns along the Darling River towns will welcome you with the country hospitality and friendliness that is sometimes missing in our larger cities but it is certainly alive and well in Outback Australia where the pace of life is less hectic.

Towns like BourkeLouth, and Tilpa have become intrinsic elements of the fabric of Australia (European and Indigenous). The Darling River Run, one of Australia's most iconic touring routes, links these towns together for a unique outback experience that includes iconic National Parks and wonderful farm stay accommodation.

There is nothing like visiting outback towns and to be greeted as a local.

Add to that the laid back nature and relaxed feel, it is easy to understand why we yearn for the country lifestyle.

The towns along the Darling River will welcome you with a style that is all their own; whether stopping for a break or staying a few days to explore the surrounding area.

Map of Darling River Towns, Outback NSW, Australia
Darling River Towns, Outback NSW, Australia


Travelling the Darling River you will discover heart-warming communities, wonderful hospitality, character-filled frontier towns, and legendary Outback characters that reinforce the pioneering spirit that opened op this country over a century ago.

Best fishing spots on the Darling River, looking for an outback farm stay, wanting to buy Black Opal, where is Pro Harts Gallery, 5-star accommodations in Broken Hill, where did Charles Sturt travel, learning about Aboriginal history and spirituality, where is the 'Back o Bourke', or when are the Louth Races?

These questions will gladly be answered by the locals and will be done in such a way it will be like talking to an old friend. Even if you don't need to know anything, many outback characters will share a story or two with you anyway.

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