Drive to Cameron Corner via the Wild Dog Fence

Driving Broken Hill to Cameron Corner


Driving to Cameron Corner is high on the list for many outback travellers; not only as a destination but also part of a more extensive journey.
Fewer places in outback Australia are more iconic than Cameron Corner, and the region that radiates out from Cameron Corner is known as the Corner Country. Cameron Corner is the surveyed northwest, and southwest corners of New South Wales and Queensland, respectively, and the point those borders join the South Australian border.

While not precisely defined, the boundary of the Corner Country includes the Darling River watershed in the south, the Simpson Desert in the west, and Charleville & Windorah in the northeast.

The journey starts at the Broken Hill Outback Resort then to Broken Hill with two great options for the route to Pine View Station; via Silverton and Eldee Station, or north to Mount Gipps Station then along Corona Road.

Wilangee Rd, Silverton, Outback NSW, Australia

Section 1 (Broken Hill to Eldee or Mt Gipps)

From Broken Hill, head out to historic Silverton and experience the many attractions and cafes it is worth spending a few hours. The drive to Eldee Station from Silverton it is only 29 km via the 'not to be missed' Mundi Mundi Plain, then north along the Barrier Ranges (southern section).

Alternatively, the route via Mount Gipps Station is a bit more direct.

Both routes join up about 70km north of each station. This route heads north on the eastern side of the Barrier Ranges (southern section).

Section 2 (Mt Gipps or Eldee Station to Pine View Station)

Heading north from Eldee Station, the drive is pure outback along Wilangee Rd across an ever-changing majestic landscape and a couple of ephemeral creek crossings the reminds the visitor of the ancient catchment systems. These waterways flow west into Lake Frome and onto Lake Eyre.

Wilangee Rd crosses Morphetts Creek (ephemeral) then into McDougalls Well Rd and onto Corona Rd.

If driving the Mount Gipps option, it is a straight drive along Corona Rd, over the Byjerkerno Ridge (333m) before reaching McDougalls Well Rd and joining with the Eldee Station route.

From there, the route follows Corona Rd and then Border Downs Rd which heads west south of Teilta Creek then north crossing the Teitla Creek and onto Pine View Station.

As the crow flies, Pine View is about 40% of the distance to Cameron Corner with the next section crossing Flood Creek (Flood was a member of Charles Sturt's Expedition) and then Packsaddle Creek which marks the halfway point of the journey.

Sturt's waterhole on Flood's Creek is located on Pine View.

After passing Sanpah Rd (37 km from Floods Creek), which heads east to just south of Packsaddle Roadhouse, the route crosses Lake Wallace Creek after 11 km, and then Border Downs Rd heads west before meeting the Wild Dog Fence.

** NOTE: The Wild Dog Fence maintenance track is for authorised vehicles only!! Keep to the road!!

The run north along the Dingo Fence is primary straight for 7.5 km and crosses Lake Bookla and Yandaminta Creek (ephemeral) and continues along the Fence for another 23 km before joining Hawker Gate Rd; heading northeast for 31 km at which point joins Waka Rd just north of Yandama Creek.

The route continues north then northeast, crossing Green, Paradise creeks, after 23km. Swinging northwest and crossing Tilcha Creek, before heading north to cross Stewart's Camp Creek and joining Cameron Corner Rd after 9 km.

Coming to the end of this epic adventure, Cameron Corner Rd enters Sturt NP after 6 km, passing Fort Grey Campground, then onto the Dunes Scenic Dr for the 22 km run to the Corner.

Spend a night in Cameron Corner before heading back to Tibooburra and Milparinka, or continue westward to the Strzelecki Track.

Points of interest along this route include;

  • The historic village of Silverton

  • Stay at the Award-winning Eldee Station or the iconic Mount Gipps Station

  • The Rugged Barrier Ranges

  • Ephemeral creeks

  • The Wild Dog Fence

  • Flood's Creek Campsite

  • Sandhills, salt lake and pine forest

  • Cameron Corner where three states meet.

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