Red Dust Snow has extensive e-commerce design experience covering all forms of online shops for a diverse range of clients. We are well-positioned to advise the best online shopping solution to suit your business' needs and within the budget you require.

Many people believe that online webshops are expensive, and they can be, but if planned correctly and constructed smartly, they don't need to cost the earth.

Vie Media is able to provide a tailor-made and affordable e-commerce website solution.

Why do online shops cost so much?

There are many elements to creating an online shop and probably the biggest proportion of the expense can be attributed to the time required to generate each product in a web-friendly and SEO relevant way.

Our solution is based on a VERY effective and efficient way to generate the data required for the shop; utilising anything from a word document, spreadsheet or similar, we are able to batch create a catalogue ready for integration with the shop. This process also enables easy management of the inventory and information can be easily imported and exported from the shop. This is one of the major strengths of HIKASHOP.

The Vie Media approach is a very cost-effective Ecommerce Web Design solution that integrates perfectly into Joomla.

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Shop & Product Transferability

There are many 'out of the box' type online shopping solutions that range in price, customisation scalability and transferability; but the Hikashop/Joomla combination is one of the best when it comes to transferability.

Some online shopping sites offer an 'easy to use' application when it comes to set up but some of these don't provide a facility to export/transfer your products to another application down the track, essentially locking all the work you have done to set up the shop. It is your shop and so you should be free to transfer your infrastructure to another application should you desire.

Product Generation Made Easy!

If your product range is in word, excel or similar, Red Dust Snow can easily migrate that information into Hikashop and add the relevant information need for good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) via batch processing. Once populated, your shop data can easily be batch processed when needed (an easy export, change data, and re-import). This ability also allows transferability so if you want to create a shop using a different application or just a different/additional shop, it is simply a matter of export the shop data. (as a CSV file).

More Features, Less Complication

When it comes to Online Shopping Solutions, it is easy to see why Hikashop is such a highly regarded Joomla Ecommerce Web Design component:

  • Easy Product creation/copying
  • Powerful import/export functionality
  • Efficient Product Management
  • Multi-Category Products
  • Inventory handling
  • Multi-images for Products
  • Downloadable files for products
  • Related products
  • Products variants
  • Products options
  • Custom fields for products
  • Manufacturers support
  • Carousel and sliding/fading effects
  • Comparison system for products
  • Product prices in several currencies
  • Manage tax rules
  • Prices auto calculated on currencies
  • Currency rates auto-update
  • No limit on the number of orders
  • Invoices display & print
  • Totally customizable checkout process
  • Wishlist management for each customer
  • Multicart
  • Manual shipping methods management
  • Australia Post shipping method plugin
  • Payment plugins
  • Custom fields
  • Easily customize your HikaShop emails
  • Integration with AcyMailing
  • Integration with Google Products
  • Powerful dashboard
  • Highly customizable Reports
  • Gauge and pie chart on sales
  • Tracking of sales with Google Analytics
  • Powerful SEO functionality
  • RSS and Atom feeds
  • Social networks support
  • Integrated Multilingual Integration

For more information on e-commerce solutions, please contact us to discuss further.