Good Website Structure

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Algorithms. Is it more than just numbers? Most definitely YES!

Over the years search engines have created algorithms to look at websites to determine their relevance within search engine results.

With each algorithm, they are many out in SEO land that thinks they can trick search engines into ranking higher and in the past, some have been successful through 'content farming' and copying content from other websites. Also, some create pages with little or no content.

SE Evolving

Well, search engines have evolved to combat this and the latest in the fight against bad content is Google's Panda algorithm, which was released about a year ago. It aims to combat duplicated and copied content, pages with 'thin content', and poor site structure where too many pages confuse the structure and navigation of the site.

It is intended to make the web and web indexing more efficient and effective and it is already yielding results as many sites that used to rank high have dropped in the results. This result is known as being 'Panda Slapped' or 'Pandalised'.

Like all good systems, some websites can be affected adversely by this even though there is no intention to trick Google. What may have been 'the thing to do' 5 years ago, can now be detrimental to your site ranking.

The Best SEO Guidelines

The best way to avoid being penalized is to follow Google's guidelines and as many say 'do the right thing by Google, and Google will do the right thing by you'.

In light of this, the first steps in SEO are website structure and content design:

  • Increase the quality of your webpage content
  • Use good page structure including tags and metadata
  • Reduce LCP's (Low Content Pages) – if they contribute to the visitors' experience you can leave them there but limit how Google indexes them. (noindex & nofollow)
  • Remove duplicate content – pages with your site may have duplicate/similar content.
  • Create a logical structure to your categories/sections/articles (and appropriate menus)
  • Don't have all pages linked on one page (especially the homepage)
  • Check for broken Links
  • Ensure correct use of 404 (Page Not Found)

From this, other activities and procedures can develop, but doing so before getting the site in order will be a waste of time and money.