Iconic Towns, Localities and Events

There are many iconic Outback towns across Australia... probably too many to visit and photograph.

Having spent a lot of time photographing the Outback, here are my favourite four iconic outback towns, localities, and events to photograph and visit.

Alpine & High Country

"There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around..". so penned Australian bush poet Banjo Paterson in the late 1880s. The Man From Snowy River is an iconic Australian figure beautifully captured in the poem and this spirit in indelibly etched in the soul of all Australians and as such, following the Snowy River to its source near Mt Kosciusko is a pilgrimage all Australians should make.

South Coast NSW 

The prominent feature of the south coast is the magnificent escarpment of the Great Dividing Range with the rich and fertile dairy country sitting below the Southern Highlands. These wonderful elements offer the visitor the best of coastal villages like Gerringong and Gerroa and wonderful towns like Jamberoo and Berry. Venture up the escarpment and the country idyll of Kangaroo Valley presents itself and it is a beautiful as the name suggests.

Gerringong is a picture-postcard coastal town located on the NSW Southcoast about 1.5 hours south of Sydney. While most of the NSW coastline is being overdeveloped, Gerringong is one of those places that retains the elements of a true coastal idyll. Set off the main highway, the town has maintained a layback country style and sense of community that it is the envy of many. Add to that the fact that its beach, Werri Beach, is renowned as the best surf beach on the NSW South Coast. Werri (originally known as Ourie Beach) is a beautiful classic Australian beach with its pristine sands stretched out between two rock headlands with a magnificent rock pool on the rock shelf of the southern end and a wonderful lagoon at the northern end.

Kangaroo Valley Southern Highlands; Upon first sighting Kangaroo Valley (a jewel on the NSW south coast) in April 1812, George Evans (Surveyor and Explorer) claimed the valley offered a view that ' no painter could beautify." Anyone who visits 'the Valley' will certainly agree with Evan's first impressions as it is a truly remarkable and beautiful setting. There is a wonderful feel about Kangaroo Valley, the geomorphology provides amazing energy and many are drawn to its spiritual power as well; no surprise that many describe it as " The most beautiful valley in Australia"