Lightning Ridge, Outback NSW

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John Murray Artist Gallery, Lightning Ridge Outback AustraliaLightning Ridge, one of Australia's most iconic Outback towns, and a must for anyone wanting to connect with the outback spirit.

While not actually on the Darling River, it is one destination that should be included in the iconic Darling River RunDarling River Run touring route; one of the best in Outback NSW!

We all love the unique things about Australia and while many would argue there are many unique places around the world, we take particular pride in our special outback places, journeys and experiences. Lightning Ridge's uniqueness is really something... unique.

Few Outback NSW towns are as inimitable as Lightning Ridge and fewer things are more distinctively Australian than the Black Opal for which the town is famous. The pair go hand in hand, after all, Lightning Ridge is known as the home of the Black Opal.

Lightning Ridge will welcome you with that classic country hospitality that marketers can only dream, but it is neither forced nor put-on and is certainly not be 'more of the same'.

Many fellow travellers will relate stories about the Ridge and much has been written about this wonderful place, but that will give you as much understanding of the place as trying to smell a colour or hear a sunset.

But take the time to make your way to the Ridge, and all will make unique sense.

One thing Lighting Ridge does have in abundance is eccentricity, not the type that one needs to be wary of but the kind that truly envelopes any visitor and is delivered via characters that could be included in any folkloric Australian novel or film; truly warming and welcoming.

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Local Postmaster, Laurie Hudson, once wrote, 'Though you've roamed the whole world over, seen most all there is to see, there are scenes you've never dreamed of, in the stone of mystery’, and like the ‘stone of mystery’,

lightning ridgeTravelling through this vast land, one often discovers places that envelope the soul with tangible elements; a beautiful river, majestic native forests, indigenous culture, or unspoiled pristine beaches.

Lightning Ridge also displays its uniqueness in many different ways depending on how you wish to experience it.

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  • goddess-of-67-church-lightning-ridge-outback-nsw-australia
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  • ridge-rock-lightning-ridge-outback-nsw-australia
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  • opal-mine-lifter-sunrise-lightning-ridge-outback-nsw
  • goddess-of-67-1-lightning-ridge-outback-nsw-australia
  • opal-cutter-lightning-ridge-outback-nsw-australia
  • follow-the-car-door-the-grawin-lightning-ridge-outback-nsw-australia
  • mud-flow-2-lightning-ridge-outback-nsw-australia
  • can-house-lightning-ridge-outback-nsw-australia
  • opal-mining-truck-lightning-ridge-outback-nsw-australia
  • goddess-of-67-church-lightning-ridge-outback-nsw-australia-(2)
  • all-roads-lead-to-the-grawin-lightning-ridge-outback-nsw-australia
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  • old-holdens-lightning-ridge-outback-nsw-australia
  • welcome-to-white-cliffs-lightning-ridge-outback-nsw-australia
  • currugated-rust-lightning-ridge-outback-nsw-australia
  • sheepyard-the-grawin-lightning-ridge-outback-nsw-australia
  • ridge-lines-lightning-ridge-outback-nsw-australia
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Before heading out to the outback, for the safety of you and fellow travellers (and as a courtesy to those living in the outback), please to the Safe Outback Travel for tips and hints to get the most out of your next adventure.