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The Milparinka Courthouse, Milparinka Heritage Town - Corner Country Outback NSW, AustraliaHow outback do you want to go? Milparinka is one of only two townships surviving in the Corner Country - the other being the larger community of Tibooburra - and is  296 km north of Broken Hill, 39 km south of Tibooburra, and 1,465 km from Sydney. All around the red dusty soils of Outback New South Wales stretch to the horizon. When gold was discovered in 1880, Milparinka became a thriving town but today it is a shadow of its former self. A reminder that only the hardest of human beings can live in such severe conditions.

During the 1870s goldrush, those seeking their fortunes headed to the region, with miners travelling overland from WilcanniaWilcannia, and Farina on the Ghan Railway line, travelling overland across mostly waterless terrain. No visit to Outback New South Wales can be considered complete without pausing at Milparinka and thinking about the lives of the early settlers.

Services & Getting To

Milparinka is located about 1 km east of the Silver City Highway, 39 km south of Tibooburra and 295 km north of Broken Hill via Packsaddle and Packsaddle RoadhousePacksaddle Roadhouse.

  • The old Courthouse (Visitor Information Centre).
  • The Albert Hotel (Pub and accommodation

For the adventure-minded, there are two GREAT off-road touring routes linking Broken Hill to Tibooburra (with Milparinka 39 km south of Tibooburra)

Milparinka History

Long before Milparinka was proclaimed the first town of the Albert Goldfields in 1881 it was at the crossroads of many of the region’s traditional Aboriginal storylines. In the dry desert areas where life revolves around water the waterhole on the creek on which Milparinka was established was significant for generations of Malyangaapa people.

In 1845 Charles Sturt’s expedition found the waterhole at Milparinka and camped there for a few days before relocating further into the Grey Range to Preservation Creek.

In 1880 gold was discovered in the area and Milparinka’s waterhole became a vital asset for gold washing. Gold was never found at Milparinka, but something more precious was, water. A township developed along the waterhole in the Evelyn Creek, whilst gold was mined at Mt Browne, Albert, and The Granites (Tibooburra).

Hundreds of people flocked to the Goldfields in the early days, the number diminished with the realisation of the hardships to be faced, only to surge again when a new deposit was discovered.

From a small, random collection of tents adjacent to the creek Milparinka grew into a substantial township with surveyed streets, public amenities such as a police station, courthouse, school, post office and hotels. Plans were made to build a hospital. The telegraph was linked to Sydney in 1896, and coach services arrived twice a week from Wilcannia and later Broken Hill.

But it was a short-lived existence. Gold mining had peaked, and when World War One broke out many of the area’s young men enlisted. By the end of the war life in Milparinka had changed forever.

The remnants of the sandstone buildings remained, but the majority of the people had gone.

Milparinka See & Do

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The Milparinka Heritage Precinct

  • The Milparinka Barracks’ Museum
  • The old Milparinka post/telegraph office.
  • Milparinka Heritage Walking Trail
  • Milparinka Astronomy Park
  • The Variety Children's’ Park
  • The Harry Blore Memorial Park
  • Milparinka Pioneer Memorial Wall and Silhouette
  • Pastoral Industry Interpretive Centre (The Shed)
  • Milparinka Cemetery
  • The Evelyn Creek and Milparinka Waterhole
  • Milparinka RV and Tent Camping

Exploring the Area

Map & Visitor Information

Milparinka Visitor Information:

Milparinka Court House

Loftus Street, Milparinka

tel: (08) 8091 3863



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