Mutawintji National Park

Mutawintji National Park is a special place, reflecting the living culture and spirituality of Aboriginal people. Colourful gorges, rock pools and creek beds surround caves with rock art and paintings, and a reliable water supply supports spectacular bird and animal life.

The main feature of the park is the mulga covered Byngnano with river gums lining pools and creek beds. For enthusiastic walkers, the Byngnano Range Walk follows a breathtaking scenic route. Other walks include the spectacular Mutawintji Gorge Walk to the park's permanent water supply, and along the Old Coach Road Drive that leads to a great picnic spot.

At Mutawintji NP you can experience the living history of Mutawintji once the site of indigenous ceremonies for many thousands of years.

Mutawintji is one of the most moving and culturally significant areas of NSW that has to be put on a visitors list. With its wonderful sandstone ridges and gorges it is a site to behold and is one of those places that you can feel the cultural significance of the area and the land.

The historic area (only accessible with a guide) is a truly moving experience as you are able to see (and feel) the living history of the place which has been the site of indigenous ceremonies for many thousands of years. It is also the special in that in the 1980's it was blockaded by the Barkindji people to have it handed back to the traditional custodians.

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