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Located in the central latitudes of Sweden, close to the Norwegian border, is Åreskutan (Åre Mountain), one of the many peaks along the Scandinavian Mountains that form the border between Norway and Sweden. At 1,420 metres, it is not the tallest mountain in Sweden (that honour goes to Kebnekaise at 2104 meters), but it is one of the most popular for its year-round activities; skiing and snowboarding in the cold months and downhill mountain biking in the summer months.

The township of Åre sits perfectly between the west side of the and the lake (Åresjön) is approximately 100 km west of the central Sweden city of Östersund, and 280 km west of Sundsvall (Västernorrland), over on the east coast of Sweden It is a truly moving experience to visit the town and the majestic mountain of Åreskutan, and especially wonderful when one of the many markets is on, one of note is the Åre Höstmarknad (Autumn Market) held in September each year. For those looking for a great driving adventure tour of the area of Jämtland, the Fiskvägen (Fish Road) is a great one and includes central Sweden, the western mountains as well as parts of Norway.


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