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Gotland Photography

Fotografering av Sverige

Gotland Bilder

Gotland is an amazing Swedish island situated in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Latvia with a population of around 60,000.

The county Gotlands län is made up of the main island and several smaller ones including Fårön, Gotska Sandön, and Karlsö.

Fårö (Faro), a small island off the northern tip of Gotland, is a must-see destination for anyone travelling to Sweden. Only 5 minutes by ferry, the island’s landscape and the scenery is uniquely different to the rest of Gotland and is famous for not only the limestone sea-stacks (Raukar) along with parts of the coast but also was the home of Ingmar Bergman; world-famous Swedish movie director, writer and producer of film, stage and television.

Fårö is also famous for the Raukar (limestone sea-stacks) that line the north coast and provide a surreal site; their surrealism is complimented by the man-made cairns that visitors create from the unique stone that lines the coast. Gotland is easily reached by plane or car ferry that departs from mainland Sweden (Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn).

The famous Raukar formed over many millennia as a result of softer sandstone being eroded by the wind, rain and sea while the more resilient limestone remained intact; forming the sea-stacks that are up to 12 metres tall and provide a unique, stack and beautiful landscape, especially at sunset.

Over the years, people have started forming smaller stone cairns that provide a wonderful contrast to the larger limestone formations. One very famous Raukar is the Hoburg Raukar which, if viewed from a certain angle looks like the head or face of an old man.


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