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Reportage Photography - Sweden, Jamtland, Adventure

Photography of Sweden, Jamtland Adventure

Fotografi av Sverige, Fiskevägen

Looking for one of the great journeys of central Sweden? This road trip of discovery takes in the wonderful Norrland via Östersund, through the breathtaking landscapes of Medelpad and Jamtland (Jämtland) to the spectacular mountains and lakes around Åre before heading across the border into Norway. Heading north past pristine lakes before heading back east across the mountains and then back south along the aptly named Fish Road (Fiskevägen).

Starting in Sundsvall, the journey follows the Ljungan River westward to the beautiful city of Östersund on the eastern shore of Storsjön Lake. From Ostersund, the route then follows the Indalsälven River into the mountains to the very picturesque ski resort of Åre.

Taking the road less travelled, normally the best way to experience a country, the journey backtracks to Jäpen and heads along the eastern shore of Kallsjön (Lake) which sites to the north of Åreskutan (1420m). The lake and mountain provided an extremely beautiful landscape.

The Road (336) along Kallsjön is dotted with beautiful villages like Järpbyn, Krok, Kall, Berge, Vassnå, Böle, Kallsedet,and Sundet. The spectacular scenery continues up through the mountains past Skäckerfjällens naturreservat (Skackerfjallens Nature Reserve) to Sanvika on the Norwegian border.

Into Norway (Norge) and down the dramatic mountain pass to Verdal which is spectacularly set on Trondheimsfjorden and then northward to Steinkjer and Snäsa. Taking Route 74 and heading east towards the Swedish border and the alpine town of Nordi on Laksjøen and Sansdsjøen (Laksjoen and Sansdsjoen). Route 74 is also known as the Fiskevägen (Fish Road) which runs from Namsos in Norway to Krokom in Sweden. This drive takes in some of the most remarkable scenery.. even if you don’t fish.

Heading south east across the remote alpine marshy plains to the Norge Sverige border and continue the journey along the aptly named Fiskevagen past an almost endless chain of interconnected lakes rivers and streams. Continuing along the Fiskevägen to Krokom and then onto Ostersund.


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