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Reportage Photography - Sweden, Midsommar

Photography of Sweden - Midsommar

Fotografi av Sverige, Midsommar

Scandinavians celebrate the summer solstice (longest day and shortest night) with Midsommar celebrations with a long winter behind them. It also marks the beginning of the traditional 5 week summer holiday that sees the cities emptied as the Swedes head to their summer houses (or to places that will guarantee a good and warm summer. It is mid-June, nature is bursting into life and school is out for holidays. It is a time for Swedes to celebrate as the days are long, very long.

It is time for friends and family to gather for the most typically Swedish tradition of all... Midsommar (Midsummer), and in Sundsvall, the place to head is Norra Berget. The tradition of Midsommar stems from both pagan and Christian events; the day is both, traditionally, a ritual to ensure fertility and good crops as well a day to commemorate John the Baptist.

It is a magnificent display of all things Swedish and something for the whole family. For Sundsvall, the capital of Norrland in Sweden, the main Midsommar event is at Norra Berget (North Mountain) amongst the wonderful old buildings of the Norra Berget museum.


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