Wall Art Prints, Sweden, Timbers & Textures

Limited Edition Photographic Prints - Sweden, Timbers & Textures

For a photographer, the textures of natural materials are wonderful to capture in times of light, contrasts, and hues. Include those elements with their surroundings and they become even more poignant.

Timber is a much-used building material in Sweden and has been for centuries and add some color (the iconic red, and to a lesser extent the yellow) and these structures take on another dimension, which over time become richer and deeper in terms of photographic subjects.

As a professional photographer (including Real Estate, Portraiture, Transport, and Product photography), it is a wonderful opportunity to visit, experience, and photograph Scandinavian 'Timbers and Texture's of this beautiful region.

Add the changing of the seasons, and another dimension becomes evident.

AUD195.00 each (from) Gotland Rustic SWETT-01
AUD195.00 each (from) Timber Green SWETT-02
AUD195.00 each (from) Timber Thatch SWETT-03
AUD195.00 each (from) Umea Pine SWETT-04
AUD195.00 each (from) Torneträsk SWETT-05
AUD195.00 each (from) Olderfjord Hut 01 SWETT-06
AUD195.00 each (from) Olderfjord Hut 02 SWETT-07
AUD195.00 each (from) Timber Cobbles SWETT-10
AUD195.00 each (from) Bastun Smedjan 01 SWETT-11
AUD195.00 each (from) Bastun Smedjan 02 SWETT-12
AUD195.00 each (from) Torpsgården SWETT-13
AUD195.00 each (from) Timber Lines SWETT-14
AUD195.00 each (from) Timber Caulk SWETT-15
AUD195.00 each (from) Timber Iron SWETT-16
AUD195.00 each (from) Midsommar Window SWETT-17
AUD195.00 each (from) Timber Color SWETT-20
AUD195.00 each (from) Timber Steps SWETT-21
AUD195.00 each (from) Timber Joins SWETT-22
AUD195.00 each (from) Corner Timbers SWETT-23
AUD195.00 each (from) Timber Wreath SWETT-24