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shout rightJoining the Darling to the Corner, the NEW Watershed Loop provides a unique insight into the outback landscape.

Broken Hill > Silverton > Mt Gipps > Packsaddle > White Cliffs > Wilcannia > Menindee

The Darling River

The Darling River, Australia's most iconic river, is part of the Murray Darling Basin which covers an area of 1,061,469 square kilometres (14% of the total area of Australia) and provides visitors with a vast array of activities, destinations, attractions, and fantastic accommodation options.

An integral part of any Darling River experience is the relationship between the river, the landscape and the people of the land (indigenous and European).

The Darling River has always been an integral part of the indigenous culture, a culture that stretches over 45,000 years and today, the river remains the lifeblood of the living culture of our First Nation people.

For the explorers who ventured out to record the courses of our waterways and search for the fabled inland sea, the task of venturing into the harsh, and at times unimaginable, the interior is truly remarkable.

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