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shout rightJoining the Darling to the Corner, the NEW Watershed Loop provides a unique insight into the outback landscape.

Broken Hill > Silverton > Mt Gipps > Packsaddle > White Cliffs > Wilcannia > Menindee

Travelling Stock Routes

Bourke <> Tibooburra <> Milparinka <> Broken Hill

The largest side-trip (loop) off the Darling River Run takes in the western-most part of outback New South Wales, the Corner Country. The adventure route links Bourke on the Darling River with Tibooburra via Wanaaring. In turn, Tibooburra (and Milparinka) is linked to Broken Hill via Packsaddle with Menindee being the southwest terminus for this adventure.

The Corner Country is the area in the far north-west of New South Wales, bound by the Queensland border to the north and the South Australian border to the west; the borders meet at Cameron Corner (aka Camerons Corner).

Mt Gipps Station, Borken Hill,  Corner Country, Outback AustraliaNorth of Broken Hill - Breathtaking county in the heart of the outback and only 40km from the heritage-listed and iconic town of Broken Hill. We offer various accommodation options including private cottages, caravan sites, shearers quarters and camping.

The area, characterised by diverse and beautiful landscapes, is dissected by the rugged Barrier and Grey Ranges, with the Simpson and Strzelecki Deserts to the west and the Bulloo overflow in the northeast.

The Corner Country is an area rich in Aboriginal heritage, endeavours of explorers such as Sturt and Burke and Wills, as well as stories of European settlement as pastoralists and miners.

Within the Corner Country, there are some iconic outback pioneer towns like Milparinka and Tibooburra that share a heritage of early explorers like Charles Sturt, (1845) as well as the short-lived gold rush of the late 1870s.

Ephemeral creeks and lakes are interspersed amongst the Barrier and Grey Ranges, and dunes of the Simpson-Strzelecki Dunefields, while sandstone mesas rise from ancient sea-beds.

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The iconic outback townships of Milparinka, Tibooburra and Wanaaring of the Corner Country each have their measure of character, characters and history.

Roads through the Corner Country are dry weather only. Some follow the route of explorer Charles Sturt. In contrast, others follow travelling stock routes or the Cobb and Co tracks with each leading to a station property or township for an unforgettable Corner Country experience.

Milparinka Heritage Town - Conter Country Outback NSW, AustraliaHow outback do you want to go? You drive 296 km north of Broken Hill, 39 km south of Tibooburra and 1,465 km from Sydney to a small turnoff from the Silver City Highway. All around the red dusty soils of Outback New South Wales stretch to the horizon. When gold was discovered in 1880 this became a thriving town but today it is a shadow of its former self. 

** NOTE: Part of this tour is on dry-weather roads.**

At 750km's it is an adventure in itself and can also include The Opal Miners Way which takes in the opal town of White Cliffs.

The Route:

Broken Hill <> Tibooburra: Distance = 335 km - about 3 hours 50 mins

Route: Silver City Highway (Dry weather road)

Tibooburra<> Bourke: Distance = 417 km - about 5 hours

Route: The Cut Line (Dry Weather road)


Travelling Stock Routes

Across the Corner Country, a series of interconnecting stock routes were developed to enable sheep and cattle to be walked to market safely. Teams of drovers were engaged to handle the job, often taking months for the journey. The routes extended from the customs point of Yalpunga to the rain head at Silverton, or to the river port of Wilcannia.

Others extended east-westerly from Bourke and Wanaaring to Milparinka. Known as TSR 238 this route was also used for the telegraph line built in 1896 to link the Corner Country with the rest of the world.

The route running westerly from Milparinka (Mt Browne) extended into South Australia where it followed the Yandama Creek almost to the Flinders Ranges. It linked with the railway line at Farina and was chiefly used by cameleers.

Most stock routes had designated watering points, each located a droving day distance apart. Points of interest along this route include -

  • Wild Dog Fence
  • Wanaaring and the Paroo River
  • Bulloo Overflow and Salisbury Lake
  • Mt Wood Station and Sturt National Park
  • Wanaaring
  • Milparinka
  • Mt Browne
  • Depot Glen
  • Yandama Creek
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