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Welcome to my photographic gallery showcasing my favourite images of Australia, Scandinavia, and Paris (where it all started back in 2001).

Photographic Prints are sold as original prints only. That is, only one print is sold, no editions, so it is a unique piece of artwork. NO OTHER PRINT IS PRODUCED. It is UNIQUE.

Original prints are available in various sizes, with the recommended maximum size listed for each product.

Prices are for standard print media (Matt, semi-gloss, etc) with other media (canvas, flex, metallic, etc) available with a surcharge). Please don't hesitate to contact me.

As a professional photographer, I have enjoyed exhibiting my photography on Wall Art in galleries and placing myself in creative vulnerability; one must expose their soul when doing so.

Over the years, I have exhibited many times in Melbourne and Sydney, but not much of late. 

I have been fortunate enough to have explored much of Australia (Particularly the Darling and Murray Rivers and Europe. Whether by plane, train, car, or motorbike, I have rarely been without my cameras. I have found it a privilege to capture the places that inspire me and share that imagery for which I hold such a passion.



Simon Bayliss


PHONE: 0466646323