White Cliffs

Outback NSW

White Cliffs is a truly unique outback experience. Like silence? Tired of the bright lights and noises of the city and want a really quiet night's sleep under a million brilliant stars? White Cliffs has that for a truly restful night and plenty to explore during the day.

White Cliffs is Australia's oldest (seam) opal field and developed from a chance finding of opal in the 1880s by a group of 'Roo' shooters and the opal rush began.

White Cliffs' population peaked in the late 1890s at around 5,000 and started to decline after WW1 and now boasts a population of around 200 people.

With the exception to a few essential travellers' services, most of White Cliffs is underground and it is a truly remarkable experience; even for those who may baulk at the life underground.

The early days of mining opal and living in White Cliffs were harsh; outback heat, water shortages and lack of building materials sent the population underground.

Today, the underground town works very well for locals and traveller and scarcity of water that the early settlers experienced is solved nowadays with extensive use of rainwater tanks. This plus a classic outback pub means the traveller will not go thirsty.

The famous Australian cricketer Bill O'Reilly (1905-1992) who Don Bradman referred to as the 'greatest bowler he ever faced', is White Cliffs favourite son. Bill's father was a school teacher in White Cliffs.

White Cliffs is a very easy 98km drive from Wilcannia on sealed road and is a great side trip of the Darling River Run and joining up to the Run (at Broken Hill or Wilcannia) allows the traveller to experience the Wilcannia <> Tilpa and Wilcannia <> Menindee sections.

Or, for the adventurous, a loop back to Broken Hill via Mutawintji National Park (gravel road) is highly recommended.

White Cliffs Visitor Information:

  • White Cliffs See & Do:
    • Opal Mining
    • Sleeping Underground
    • Paroo-Darling National Park
    • Mutawintji National Park
  • Getting to White Cliffs (Car):
    • From Brisbane: 1,450km
    • From Sydney: 1,046km
    • From Melbourne: 910km
    • From Adelaide: 800km
  • White Cliffs Information Centre:
    • White Cliffs General Store

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