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The Timber Cutters Run

Murray River Driving Routes

Welcome to the Timber Cutter's Runtm, a unique touring route along ancient waterways and through ethereal forests. This driving route is not just another tourism hidden gem, but the real deal. It reveals a story of an earthquake 60,000 years ago, the Cadell Fault, the Narrows (Barmah Choke), a 50 km sandridge, the redirection of the Murray River, and the creation of the Millawa-Barmah forests - the largest stand of River Red Gum in the world.

With more and more development along the Murray River, there are fewer and fewer places that remain relatively untouched, enabling visitors to experience real nature.

The Timber Cutter's Run extends from Echuca/Moama past Barmah, Mathoura, Deniliquin, Moulameim and Kayalite, before heading north to Balranald.

Located within the Central Murray River Catchment, the Timber Cutters Run follows the Murray River, Gulpa Creek, Edward River, Wakool River, and the Niemur River.

We respectfully acknowledge that the Yorta Yorta, Perrepa Perrepa, and Wamba Wamba people are the traditional custodians of this area of the Central Murray and so pay our respect to their elders, past and present.

Touring Route Introduction

The Timber Cutters RunTM is a touring route through the central Murray Catchment of the Murray-Darling Basin from Moama to Balranald visiting Barmah, Mathoura, Deniliquin, Moulamein, and Kayalite along the way.

This adventure reveals a story of an earthquake 60,000 years ago that caused the redirection of the Murray River, the creation of two ancient lakes as well as the formation of the Barmah Forest.

The Barmah-Millewa forest is the largest stand of River Red Gum in the world.

This earthquake created the Cadell Fault/Tilt, an elevated ridge that stretches from Moama to Deniliquin, much of which this tour will follow, with the section from Deniliquin to Kyalite following the Edward and Wakool River.

If doing the Long Paddock touring route from Moama to Wilcannia, this touring route is an excellent alternative to the Moama-Deniliquin section and does not bypass any of the waypoints of that route.

Touring Route Detail:

  • Total Distance: Full Route: 358 km
  • Road Surface: Mostly unsealed but well maintained - Bitumen alternative routes
  • Vehicle Recommendation: AWD/4WD SUV with good clearance. Camper trailers & small-medium offroad caravans
  • Communications: Good Mobile coverage on Telstra and Optus
  • Food & Provisions: Moama, Mathoura, Deniliquin, Moulamein, Balranald

Timber Cutter's Run - Route Sections

The southern terminus of the Timber Cutters Run is Moama on the Victoria/New South Wales border. Just across the Murray River from Echuca, both form the twin towns known as Echuca-Moama and is located about 230 km north of Melbourne.

Moama is on the 'quiet side of the river' and lends itself to a more relaxed pace than Echuca, but provides effortless access to all the highlights of Echuca, and adds some of its own unique experiences.

Moama - Barmah

Echuca/Moama to Barmah

The Goulburn River and Murray River junction near Echuca, NSW, AustraliaThe Goulburn River and Murray River junction near Echuca, NSW, Australia

Touring Route Description

The start/finish point of the Timber Cutters RunTM is Echuca/Moama with the first leg to Barmah following the Murray River along the Victorian side of the river from Echuca to Barmah with some beautiful river vistas along the way.

This route crosses the Goulburn River, a tributary of the Murray which is sourced from Woods Point and the Victorian High Country and is believed to be the original course of the Murray River before the events that caused the Cadel tilt.

There is an opportunity also the see where the Goulburn River joins the Murray River, but large caravans are not advised on this track as there is little room to turn around. It is an easy walk from the main road though.

It is a worthwhile experience to see where the ancient Goulburn river joins the Murray River and consider that upstream to Mathoura is a relatively new waterway.

Touring Route Details:

Road/Track Distance (km) Cumulative (km) Turn Road Type
Goulburn Road 2.20 2.20 Right Sealed
Bangerang Road 7.25 9.45 Left Sealed
Stewarts Bridge Road 22.50 31.95 Left Gravel
Barmah-Shepparton Road 5.96 37.91   Sealed

Timber Cutters Run Map - Touring Guide for Outback NSW

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