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Murray-Darling & Corner Country Touring

Welcome to Red Dust and SnowTM

The name Red Dust and Snowtm succinctly describes the passion I have for the diverse region of the Murray-Darling Basin and adjoining areas like the Corner Country of Australia. Iconic towns like Lightning Ridge (home to Black Opal), Milparinka, and Tibooburra, provide unique insights and experiences of outback Australia.

From the iconic red dusty plains of the west region of the Darling River catchment to the snow-covered mountains of the southeast, it is a truly remarkable region of Australia.

The Darling River is regarded by many as our most iconic waterway that connects people, both Indigenous and European. Modern-day travellers who visit iconic Darling River towns like Bourke, Louth and Tilpa come away with an understanding of what the outback is all about; famous Australian poet Henry Lawson certainly did!

Covering almost 15% of the total area of Australia, the Murray Darling Basin offers the ultimate country and outback experiences, iconic towns/localities and touring routes. The iconic and well-known Darling River Run is one of many outback touring routes of the region.

Best of all, the MDB is within a two-hour drive of 75% of Australia's population and provides SUV and RV adventurers with a vast array of destinations, experiences, and activities.

I have always held a passion for this region of Australia in terms of photography, content creation, and sharing the experience with like-minded adventurers. This passion all started from a young age (in an old FB ute) exploring the central Murray River. Since then, I have travelled throughout Australia seeking not only the well-known experiences but the lesser-known ones that have a great back-story.

For me, it does not matter the type of vehicle (two wheels, 4WD or AWD), or the extent of accessories one wants to bring along. What does matter is that anyone can enjoy this magnificent region of Australia, by whichever means you choose. The journeys and destinations are much more important than the mode of transport.

Australia is an excellent place to tour, but I have always been drawn back to the Murray-Darling basin as it is in my blood. And it is that, ethereal, experience I have always wanted to share.

I hope you enjoy these experiences!

"Don't look at what is, ask 'why', look at what isn't, and ask 'why not'."

Simon Bayliss

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