Red Dust on SnowTM

Sometimes in life it is hard to define what one has done, and what one is doing. 

For me, the name for my passion is Red Dust on SnowTM... as it incorporates all that I love creatively; the outback with its red dust and dirt, through the rivers to the mountains and their winter coat of snow.

Add to that the fact that my partner is Swedish and I have been fortunate enough to have lived in central Sweden and experienced real winters and real (deep and lasting) snow.

But is is not about destinations, it is about journeys and adventures as I am happiest when I am on the road with a camera to be able to share; after all, a journey or experience is only real if it is shared.

My photography as always been shot 'as is', as an observer, and to be kept a natural as possible; after all, that is the way of nature.

I hope you enjoy.

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