Corner Country Australia
The Corner Country is one of the most popular travel regions of Australia encompassing the outbacks of New South Wales, Queensland, and South...
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Darling River Touring
The Darling River is Australia's most iconic river and when combined with its longest tributaries creates Australia's longest waterway stretching...
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Murray River Touring
The Murray River, Australia's most iconic river, stretches from near Mount Kosciuszko in the Australian Alpine Region to the Coorong and Lake...
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Australian Touring Routes

Darling River | Corner Country | Murray River

Red Dust Snowtm

From the red dusty plains of the Corner Country, across the vast Murray-Darling Basin, and up to the Australian Alpine Area, Red Dust Snow provides aspirational touring guides based on unique experiences of these unique regions of Australia.

Without the (often amusing) apparent borders/boundaries that regional and state tourism applies to tourism message, Red Dust Snow knows through a decade of experience that touring should not be limited by a conceptual boundary. Red Dust Snow is not backed/funded by any regional or state tourism authority and a free in what/how we present information. 

Red Dust Snowtm touring routes focus on the physical landscape while the mode of transport is less critical. Whether your preference is two-wheels, four-wheels, 4WD, RV, SUV, or Yak... it is not what is most important to Red Dust Snow or our partners.

I hope you enjoy these experiences!

"Don't look at what is, ask 'why', look at what isn't, and ask 'why not'."

Simon Bayliss

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