Exploring the Majesty of Australian Waterways: Simon Bayliss Photography

Wall Art Photography Australia

In the context that Australia is one of the aridest continents on earth with an average rainfall of just 419mm (16 in), our rivers and waterways take on a unique significance. It is also the flattest, and our water catchments can take on an almost ethereal character within the landscape.

It is a beautiful opportunity for me, a professional photographer, to visit, experience, and photograph parts of Outback Australia then produce Australian photography prints focusing on Australia's rivers & waterways!

Accounting for around 14% of Australia's land area, the Murray Darling Basin spans New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia.

It provides the basis for much of my photography. I love the outback, but I am particularly connected to the Murray-Darling. It is a place that touches my soul and nurtures my spirit!