Exploring the Beauty of Coastal Australia: Simon Bayliss Photography

Australia Coastal Wall Art

Australians LOVE the beach, and our affinity to the coast is easy to understand when we have 25,780km of coast and only 25.3 million people. (Bear in mind, though, that Australia is one of the most urbanised nations)

Add to that, we have a clAustralia is a country of great diversity, with its rugged beauty illuminated by bright, high-contrast light. As a professional photographer, I feel privileged to capture and share Australia's stunning wall art photography through various online and print publications.

While the outback is significant in our cultural heritage, I am also drawn to the coastal areas with charm and beauty. They make beautiful places to capture and create the photography wall art of Australia.

Only a few places across this vast country don't excite me as a photographer. I am passionate about all things outback, especially Far West NSW, the Darling River, and the Corner Country regions.

Despite living in regional Australia, on the Murray River, and near the mountains, I have been fortunate to have experienced life in coastal Australia in Sydney and the South Coast of NSW.

It is a beautiful opportunity for me to visit, experience, and photograph Coastal Australia and then produce Australian photography prints focusing on our magnificent coast!
Here are some of my favourite Coastal Australia images; more to come!