Red Dust Snow - Simon Bayliss

Professional Photographer

About twenty years ago, I went on a wanderlust journey across Europe with two distinct purposes. Firstly, it was a childhood dream to ride a motorcycle across Europe, and secondly, to recapture the passion I had for photography.

I bought a Triumph motorcycle in Athens, Greece, as well as a state-of-art digital camera and began my journey that lasted 18 months and covered nine countries.

While the camera and motorcycle are long gone (sadly for the latter) it was the catalyst for a creative pursuit that is as strong as the day I departed Athen with my life in the panniers of that remarkable Triumph Adventurer.

Since then, I have pursued most genre of photography. An early mentor taught me that while fashion, wedding, product, lifestyle, travel, portrait, and news photography are all very different, what you learn in each will make your better photographer.

For the last twenty years, I have followed that advice.

My travel & touring photography has taken me across the Darling River and up into Cameron Corner (both many times). As a result, I share my touring routes like the Darling River Run, Sturt' Touring Route, and the Watershed Looptm.. to name a few.

Also, a place close to my heart, the Barmah-Millewa Forest and the Timber Cutters Runtm.

The journey has also taken me across Scandinavia, with Sweden being the birthplace of my partner, Elenor, and a place I have grown to love after living there for eighteen months.

A few years ago, while travelling the outback, I was thinking of a name that sums up everything I have done across the diversity of eastern Australia and that of northern Scandinavia... and Red Dust Snow seemed like a perfect fit.

My love for snow (and things sub-zero) is also connected to the birthplace of my late partner, Elenor, Sweden. Sverige is a place I fell in love with, where we have lived and photographed extensively.

Even from a young age, I have always felt the power of the captured image and the shared experience. Memories of pouring over what seemed to be a vast catalogue of documentary books in the home are still vivid.

My passion for the Australian bush started at a young age with time spent on a family farm just north of Echuca in what is now known as the Barmah-Millewa forest at Mathoura.

But it would take a decade of working in the Agri-business sector (after studying Agricultural Marketing at the University of Queensland) before my love of the bush joined my other passion, photography.

These two passions only crossed paths while fulfilling a life's dream of motorcycling across Europe on a motorcycle. The epiphany happened, and the way was set...

Returning to Australia after riding most of Europe, the re-ignited passion was the catalyst of a career change, and all energies were directed to the shared experience of travel and touring - by any means.

In addition to paid positions with Australia's leading lifestyle media publishers, I was fortunate to be offered various photographic and copywriting commissions for local, regional and state tourism authorities. One was the Darling River Run project involving touring routes across Outback NSW. (A project that has grown to include all of the Murray Darling Basin and called Red Dust Snow.

My passion for the shared experience was nurtured through projects for State, Regional, and Local Tourism Organisations, producing aspirational and inspirational imagery for use across all forms of media, including print, digital, and video formats.

  • Outback NSW Tourism
  • Destination NSW
  • South Coast Tourism
  • Broken Hill Tourism
  • Lightning Ridge Tourism
  • The Darling River Run project
  • Tourism Victoria

In addition to my close relationship and understanding all things travel, I have also worked with most of the major travel and lifestyle magazine publishers as well as the major Australian newspaper publishers producing editorial and advertising photography, including:

  • The Canberra Times (ACM)
  • Newcastle Herald (ACM)
  • Ballarat Courier (ACM)
  • Illawarra Mercury (ACM)
  • The Land (ACM)
    Queensland Country Life (ACM)
  • Stock and Land (ACM)
  • Australian Financial Review
  • Telegraph & Herald Sun Travel (NewLtd)
  • SMH & The Age Travel (Fairfax)
  • The Border Mail (Fairfax Media)
  • The Canberra Times (ACM)
  • Newcastle Herald (ACM)
  • Ballarat Courier (ACM)
  • Illawarra Mercury (ACM)
  • The Land (ACM)
  • Queensland Country Life (ACM)
  • Stock and Land (ACM)
  • Caravan & Motorhome Magazine (Express Media)
  • Open Road (NRMA)
  • Australian Caravan & RV (NRMA)
  • 4WD Action (Express Media)
  • Camper Trailer Touring (Express Media)
  • Unsealed 4x4 (PC Media)
  • Pat Callinan's 4x4 Adventures (PC Media)
  • Australian Traveller (AT Media)
  • Outback Magazine (RM Williams)
  • Time to Roam
  • What's Up Down Under