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Capturing the Essence of Outback Australia: Simon Bayliss Photography

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The name 'outback' immediately conjures emotive recollections of Australia's vast, sparsely populated area. The region beyond the 'bush' has slightly more population and vegetation, closer to regional centres.

It is a lot of homogenous emptiness to many, but it is diverse. In Western Australia, the outback extends to the coast, similar to northern Queensland.

For me, on the southeastern seaboard, it can be reached northwest of the Darling River, Australia's most iconic waterway that diagonally bisects the state of New South Wales. Unsurprisingly, it is called the accessible outback within a day's drive of Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. It is only half a day from Adelaide.

Over the last decade or more, this outback region, besides the Murray-Darling basin, has been my favourite place to photograph, and the following are some of my most recent favourites.

It is a beautiful opportunity for a professional photographer like myself to visit, experience, and photograph parts of Outback Australia and then produce Australian photography prints focusing on the Outback!

I hope you enjoy the gallery!